Repair and improve your Japanese style room!

Thank you for visiting manotatami web page. We are tatami mat maker in Kobe city!

 Are you looking to do improvements or repair to your Japanese style room?

At mano-tatami, we provide free estimate and quotes and assessment of your improvement or remodeling project. 

We are based Kobe city but also provide improvement nearby cities, Ashiya, Nishinomiya and Akashi city.

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Our services

Renew Tatami Mat

-Renew the only surface of Tatami mat. Reuse the core inside. Price is decided by the grade of mats. Quality and durability are different depending on grades. 

-Re-make whole tatami. (mat and core).We measure the dimension of the room and make tatami mat. Square Tatami is also one of the choices. 

Repair paper slide door

Repair paper screen

Replace the paper of the paper slide door.

We prepare 3 grades. Design , quality and durability is different depending on the grade. 

Replace the paper of the paper screen.

We wash the screen and remove all paper and glue. There are 3 types papers. 

1: Normal 2: 6 times stronger than normal 3 : plastic sheet is sandwiched by papers. Cannot be teared.

Price List

Tatami Mat(re-cover)

woven with cotton yarn

Mebae :  ¥5500

Wakaba : ¥6500 

Hinokimi : ¥8500

woven with cotton yarn & hemp yarn

Midori :  ¥10500

Sayaka : ¥12000

Sakura : ¥13500

What's "Re-cover?"

Replace only Mat and

reuse Core. When the core is damaged, renew the core, too.(+¥5000)

Paper slide door

Class A : ¥8500

Torinoko paper

- high quality


Class B : ¥6500

Fabric Paper



Class C : ¥4500

Normal quality printed paper 


Paper screen

Class A : ¥6800

Plastic sheet is sandwiched by 2 papers.

Cannot be teared.

Class B : ¥4500

Paper containing rayon fiber.​ It 5 times stronger than normal paper.

Class C : ¥3500

Normal thick paper.




Phone number :

+81 80 5708 1930

LINE ID : @fjj6271l

E-mail address :


Hello, I'm Taro!

I started to work as a Tatami mat maker after graduate university in Kobe. My major was English and Chinese language. 

However Kobe city has a lot of people from foreign countries, multilingualization is undeveloped. Just a few workers can speak English in the construction industry in Kobe.  My goal is to improve and support your life environment!  

Thank you so much.

WeChat ID : taro-kobe


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